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Event with Arkwear for the Wildlife Conservation Society

Yesterday I got to kick off the spring season with an event for Arkwear, a company founded by Andreas Von Der Goltz that makes high quality polo shirts to benefit endangered animals.  Partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Arkwear donates a percentage of the proceeds it generates to the WCS in an effort to help support animals all over the world. Every year they come out with four new animals, and at this event we got to celebrate 6 of them! I created designs for the Sumatran Tiger, Grauer's Gorilla, Western Bumble Bee, Sperm Whale, Great White Shark, and the Orangutan.  Thanks to the 59th street Bloomingdale's in Manhattan and GQ for hosting this event! 

For more information, check out

Here is a quick video captured by one of our clients! 

New Youtube Channel

It's been a long while since my last post, but I'm happy to announce that Third Eye Face Painting has a brand new YouTube channel! It's good practice, and fun to watch! Check out the first one below: 

Soccer Parties

In February, I got the chance to team up with Brooklyn's newest indoor soccer facility, The Pitch, at the launch of their new kid's soccer programs. The event was run by players from the New York Cosmos, so naturally there were lots of blue, green, and yellow logos going around! I'm looking forward to being available for hire at the Pitch for birthday parties, camps, and after school events! For more information on the pitch, check out:

Time Lapse Videos!

Introducing a brand new way to share my face painting projects: time lapse videos! Before saying goodbye to 2015, I wanted to say hello to this brand new medium, and I'm happy to say that it's been very successful thus far. There are still a few kinks to work out before I get my Youtube channel up and running  (oops! did I say that out loud?), but the following clip got over 1200 views on Facebook since it was published less than 24 hours ago! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. :) Tune in for more in the coming weeks. I have a good feeling about 2016...

Hello, World!

Or should I say: Hello, Social Media!


Today marks the launch of Third Eye Face Painting's first fully functional website! Since relocating to New York, NY I've decided that it's time for a fresh start. Here, you'll be able to find my portfolio, contact information, and event updates. Not only that, but Third Eye is about to beef up its online media presence with a sparkly new Facebook page! Check it out by clicking HERE or by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page. I have decided to discontinue our tumblr page (sorry about it, tumblr users) until further notice so that more focus can be directed towards this website. Don't worry though, our instagram, @3RDEYEFACEPAINT is alive and well. You now also have the option to SUBSCRIBE to our email list to receive a (very) occasional newsletter or promotion. 

Also, if you've clicked around the website at all, I'm sure you've noticed our new Nightlife Gallery. That's right, Third Eye is about to delve into the wild and wonderful world of NYC nightlife entertainment! Get ready for a whole new look that will most definitely involve black lights, body painting, and more!